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Molosky & Co. is dedicated to serving the full range of our clients’ business and commercial transfer needs in the state of Michigan and on a national scale. Our team has built a reputation for excellence in the quality of our counsel and services to clients from nearly every industry and representing nearly every form of legal structure.

Business And Corporate Law Matters We Handle

Business Planning And Financing

Forming a business entity involves a number of steps, including planning before the formation of the business, filing documents with the appropriate authorities to form the entity, and implementing an operation plan. Things to consider include liability protection, tax optimization, employment and compensation matters, financing the business startup, ascertaining zoning, permits and licensing issues, and so on.

Choice Of Entity

Choosing the proper entity for your business is a critical step in achieving your business goals. The decision between forming a partnership, limited liability company, C corporation, S Corporation, etc. can be intimidating and confusing. Each option will have important tax and liability implications and different formation, governance, and compliance requirements.

Contract Drafting

Contracts range from simple to complex. At the most basic level, contracts determine the rights, duties, and obligations of each party. At a minimum, you should identify the parties, purpose of the contract, its subject matter, what is being exchanged, warranties and representations made by each party, how risks should be allocated, conditions, covenants, and key dates and terms.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance covers business owners when a loss occurs despite other precautions. Businesspeople can potentially be held liable for a wide range of accidents including, but not limited to, personal injury, property loss/damage, and employee claims.

Corporate Law And Governance

How you operate your business has important legal implications. You will want to maintain your limited liability shield, satisfy the expectations the law places on owners, officers, board members, and managers, take business actions in a way that is recognized by law, make appropriate distributions and redemptions, maintain records and file required reports, maintain proper insurance, and from time to time, amend and restate your organizational documents.

Derivative Action

Derivative action is a suit brought by a shareholder on behalf of a corporation or by a member on behalf of an association seeking compensation or a settlement against an officer that the corporation or association has itself failed to assert.


Franchising is allowing the authorization of an individual or group, also known as franchisee(s), to carry out specified commercial activities. Franchise disputes occur when agreements are not met according to the terms submitted by the franchiser or vice versa.

Trademark/Trade Secret

Trademarks are symbols, words, or phrases legally registered by an individual or company for specific use to represent a company or product. Similar to trademarks, trade secrets are any formula, method, instrument, etc. that are not widely known or ascertainable, that give an individual or a company an economic advantage.

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