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Purchase And Sale Agreements: Representative Cases

Molosky & Co. prevailed at trial enforcing specific performance of real estate purchase agreement and payment of attorney fees.

Molosky & Co. represented a purchaser who entered into a purchase agreement to purchase a specific piece of real property. The seller refused to complete the sale. Our clients attempted settlement with the seller but were forced to go to trial over the issue. After a full day bench trial and supplemental trial brief on specific performance, Molosky & Co. obtained specific performance of the purchase agreement and reimbursement of attorney fees. Because of Molosky & Co.’s dedicated team of litigation attorneys our clients have now closed on the sale.

Molosky & Co. assisted our client through the more than $40 million international sale of his manufacturing business.

Our client expanded his company into a world leader in manufacturing a specific type of industrial/commercial equipment, sparking attention from private equity buyers. Molosky & Co. assisted in the sale of our client’s US and European business operations to a European private equity firm for approximately $40 million. Molosky & Co.‘s expertise, skill, and advice facilitated the completion of the U.S. due diligence and transaction documents required to close the sale.

Molosky & Co. helped its client purchase the business it sold, which was now floundering with financial issues, for pennies on the dollar.

Through Molosky & Co.s aggressive and vast financial expertise in acquisitions, we were able to assist a client in the re-acquisition of a business previously sold for an eight-figure amount for pennies on the dollar (low six-figures), allowing the business owner to restore the business to its former success.

Molosky & Co. helped a local resident purchase a business at every step of the way.

Molosky & Co. assisted a client in acquiring an ongoing bookstore. Molosky & Co.‘s expertise in drafting and closing on the purchase and sales agreement involving the sale of assets, building lease, and accounts receivable/payable resulted in a positive business potential for both parties.

Molosky & Co. negotiated on behalf of our client and prepared all necessary documents in connection with our client’s sale of a general store with a liquor license.

Our client owns a large campground located on the shores of Lake Huron. The campground contains a centrally located general store that serves the needs of its many visitors, including alcohol sales. On behalf of our client, Molosky & Co. negotiated our client’s purchase of the general store from its owner, prepared all necessary transaction documents, and communicated with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to ensure compliance with regulations regarding transfer of the liquor license.

Molosky & Co. carefully guided our client through the multimillion-dollar sale of his company to a private equity investor.

Through tireless effort and business acumen, our client built up an exceptional company that attracted private equity investors. Molosky & Co. represented our client in the complex and demanding process of negotiating with the private equity investor and orchestrating a buyout where our client realized a mid eight-figure amount for the sale of his business. Successful completion of the transaction drew upon our years of experience, sound counsel, and skillful craftsmanship in preparing and reviewing the many sophisticated transaction documents required for accurately portraying and protecting our client’s interests.

Molosky & Co. guided our client through the intricate process of buying-out a local competitor while protecting our client’s identity where disclosure would terminate the sale.

Our client is a world leader in the design and production of bulk material handling equipment. As a result of its exceptional product line, demand outpaced our client’s ability to produce its equipment. In need of additional manufacturing space, our client turned its attention to a local business that had for years been used by our client to satisfy surplus orders. Realizing that the owners of the business would not agree to sell to our client, Molosky & Co. assisted our client in an elaborate and ingenious straw-man transaction that resulted in our client acquiring the business along with the much needed expansion in its production capacity. Throughout the month’s long transaction we stridently maintained our client’s anonymity through nondescript entities and carefully prepared documents. Only after the ink dried on the mid seven-figure closing was our client’s identity revealed. Our careful attention to our client’s needs fostered the growth and expansion of its business.

Molosky & Co. represented our client in its purchase of a local business in connection with the competitor’s retirement.

When the owner of a moving company decided to retire from the business, Molosky & Co. assisted our client in completing the purchase through our experience by providing sound counsel and by preparing all real estate and personal property transaction documents expertly, with entity formations.

Molosky & Co. closes $3,400,000 sale of medical LLC membership interests.

Our corporate client operated successful medical clinics. When a national chain of clinics expressed interest in our client’s business, Molosky & Co. assisted in negotiating the sale and drafting of the transactional documents, as well as a number of other related documents. Our client successfully closed the deal, receiving $3,400,000 in proceeds, while retaining a substantial equity membership interest in the continuing business.

Molosky & Co. oversees $4,000,000 sale of a Limited Liability Company.

Our long time business client desired to sell one of the many companies it owns and manages. Molosky & Co. worked together with the buyer’s attorney to orchestrate the sale and draft the necessary transactional documents. Thanks to Molosky & Co., our client successfully sold its membership interest for $4,000,000.

Molosky & Co. assists in six-figure sale of our client’s insurance business.

Our client retained Molosky & Co. to manage the sale of his insurance agency. Molosky & Co. drafted all of the necessary documents with careful attention to all the nuances of the deal, including but not limited to the seller financing structure. With the help of our talented attorneys and support staff, our client successfully completed the sale of his business in an expedient and efficient manner.

Molosky & Co. successfully navigates purchase of commercial building for client.

Our long-time client decided to purchase a new commercial building located in a commerce center. He trusted the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Molosky & Co. to review two separate purchase agreements, manage the counteroffers, and assist in the ultimate purchase of one of the two properties. We provided important information regarding use restrictions and maintenance policies of the property so that our client could make a well-informed decision regarding his investment. With our firm on his team, our client purchased the property with confidence.

Molosky & Co. assists client in closing seven-figure sale of successful motel.

Our client owned and operated a successful motel. When she desired to sell her business for a large payout, Molosky & Co. worked with the buyer’s attorney to draft an amenable purchase agreement. Our attorneys worked expediently to secure the seven-figure sale.