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Trademark And Trade Secret: Representative Cases

Molosky & Co. routinely and successfully defends our client’s highly popular custom car show from trademark infringement.

Our client, a successful custom car show producer, experiences trademark infringement in a variety of ways on a continuing and ongoing basis. Molosky & Co. continuously contacts infringing third parties and successfully requests that they cease and desist their unauthorized use of our client’s trademark. Most recently, Molosky & Co. prevented an auto show from using our client’s trademark by circumventing the unresponsive promoter and contacting the nationally known venue directly. We warned the venue that their affiliation with the promoter subjected both the venue and the promoter to liability as long as the promoter insisted on violating our client’s trademark. The venue promptly notified the promoter that it would not conduct business with the promoter until it complied with Molosky & Co.‘s cease and desist letter. Needless to say, Molosky & Co. successfully defended our client’s trademark.

Molosky & Co. prevented two sets of third parties, including our client’s former employees (who are all subject to confidentiality agreements) from improperly utilizing our client’s trade secrets.

Our client produces specialized equipment. The designs, drawings, methods, inventions, etc., for our client’s equipment are highly valuable and closely guarded trade secrets, taking many years and great expense to develop. Consequently, all of our client’s employees are required to enter confidentiality agreements. Following termination, certain former employees began competing businesses and began advertising and selling outright copies of our client’s equipment, complete with identical drawings, model numbers, specifications, etc. Molosky & Co. sued the third parties for unauthorized trade practices and the former employees to specifically enforce their confidentiality agreements, which precluded the former employees from using our client’s trade secrets for any purpose other than our client’s benefit. The litigation included seven defendants in two separate cases. Following mediation, court orders now prevent the seven defendants from using our client’s unique designs, processes, or trade secrets and require them to destroy or modify their existing products and materials to extricate any element of our client’s trade secrets.

Molosky & Co. successfully removed improper advertisements from Google and eBay that infringed upon our client’s trade name.

Our client holds numerous patents and trademarks related to its business of treating wastewater through microbial remediation. Our client’s trade name is valuable intellectual property. Companies producing competing, inferior products attempted to divert business from our client by purchasing Google AdWords using our client’s name and posting advertisements on eBay for competing, inferior products using our client’s name. As a result, consumers searching for our client’s products on Google and eBay were presented with “hits” for misleading and inferior products. Molosky & Co. successfully worked with Google and eBay to prevent the unfair and wrongful advertisements. Our efforts resulted in the prompt removal of the improper advertisements and protection of our client’s intellectual property.