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Settlement Agreements: Representative Cases

Our client’s condominium unit suffered extensive damages in a flood caused by the condominium association’s failure to properly handle the vacant unit above our client’s unit. Our client sued the association to recover damages not covered by our client’s own insurance company. Molosky & Co. not only negotiated a large settlement with the association, but also defended our client against his own insurance company’s claim that it was entitled to take all the money.

Our client’s condominium unit was flooded when frozen pipes burst in the vacant unit about our client’s unit. The pipes froze and burst because the condominium association had not properly looked after the vacant unit, allowing high winds and freezing cold air to drop the unit’s temperature. Our client had property insurance, but his insurer only agreed to pay a portion of all the damages he suffered. Our client sued the condominium association to recover the rest of his damages, and Molosky & Co. battled the association for two years, digging through thousands of documents in moldy boxes and buried file cabinets to find the proof of what happened in the vacant unit. When Molosky & Co. was poised to recover a substantial amount from the association, our client’s insurance company stepped in and tried to claim the recovery as their own.Molosky & Co. stopped them, negotiating a final settlement that covered our client’s damages and our attorney fees.

Our client is an insurance broker that separated from his former employer, but needed a settlement agreement to solidify the terms of his departure from the firm. Molosky & Co. drafted the settlement agreement and ensured that our client will receive proper compensation for his contributions to his previous employer.

Molosky & Co. drafted a settlement agreement for our client who had recently left his former employer. Our client was personally responsible for servicing many of his former employer’s clients and believed he should receive compensation in the event that his former clients decided to renew their contracts. Molosky & Co. included stipulations in the settlement agreement allowing our client to act as an independent contractor for his former employer and receive compensation for future client renewals.

Molosky & Co. secures $19,542 settlement on behalf of elderly victim in a negligent slip-and-fall action.

Our 77-year-old client slipped and fell on a thick coat of unsalted black ice outside of a restaurant. Several witnesses found him unresponsive and bleeding from his head in the middle of an active parking lot. As a result of his horrific fall, our client suffered an acute head injury, fractured thumb and significant spinal pain. In the days following the event, the restaurant took no steps to ensure that other patrons of the establishment would be severely injured due to the negligently maintained parking lot. In less than seven months, Molosky & Co. secured a settlement of $19,542 by aggressively advocating and holding the restaurant responsible for its complete disregard for customer safety.

Molosky & Co. successfully renegotiates a property line and easement through mediation after a resort summer resort association interferes with our clients’ property rights and enjoyment of their multimillion-dollar cottage.

When our clients came to us to defend their rights and enjoyment of their summer resort cottage, they expressed feeling disrespected and taken advantage of by the housing association which owned the property. Our attorneys felt strongly that as leaseholders of their property, our clients deserved to be treated with respect and to be included in changes to their property in a meaningful way. With Molosky & Co. behind them through the mediation process, a satisfactory settlement addressed our clients’ concerns and allowed them to resume enjoying their multimillion-dollar cottage.

Molosky & Co. restores 70-year-old easement after our clients’ neighbor destroys sidewalk providing safe access to an association beach.

Our clients owned their beautiful cottage for 12 years, after renting the property for decades, when a neighbor abruptly ripped out a sidewalk that served as the only reasonable and safe path to the beach and Inn nearby. The destruction of the sidewalk, and subsequent landscaping in the area surrounding the original sidewalk, prevented our clients from using the seventy year old easement that they were entitled to according to their warranty deed. Instead, they were forced to use a narrow, tree-shaded road with a dangerous blind corner and no shoulders for pedestrians. Molosky & Co. successfully negotiated a settlement which restored our clients’ easement and safe access for them and their family to the association beach, together with a monetary payment.

Molosky & Co. successfully negotiates an estate settlement.

After the death of their mother, one of our client’s siblings attempted to admit a fraudulent will to probate court. The “will” gave all of the decedent’s property to our client’s sibling, leaving our client and her other two siblings with nothing from their mother’s estate. Molosky & Co. timely objected to the admission of the document, arguing the decedent always maintained that her property would be split equally among her children. In less than five months, Molosky & Co. negotiated a settlement with our client’s sibling and made sure that our client and her other two siblings received an equal portion of their late mother’s estate.

Molosky & Co. secures full refund on behalf of client who paid to stay in a luxury vacation home rental after discovering the property as falsely advertised and unsuitable for occupancy.

Our client was disgusted at the level of filth and disarray of the large rental vacation home she rented. VRBO advertised the house as having a dock for boating activities, but the dock was unusable. Even worse, our client discovered a bug infestation and a dangerously cracked glass enclosure surrounding the fireplace. Before our client discovered the broken glass, her son suffered a large laceration to his foot requiring medical attention. The parties involved in renting out the house attempted to point fingers at each other to avoid responsibility. Our investigating attorney sought out recovery from multiple avenues and when faced with the possibility of litigation with our firm, the landlord settled and provided a full refund and reimbursement of all medical expenses.

Molosky & Co. secures over $20,000 in reimbursement payments for our client who provides assistive medical technology to people injured in serious car crashes.

Our client provides important medical equipment to people severely injured in car crashes. Molosky & Co. provides legal assistance on an ongoing basis when insurance companies refuse to reimburse our client for its equipment. Although a small amount on an individual basis, to date, our firm secured over $20,000 for our client after the injured parties’ insurers unreasonably withheld reimbursement payments.

Molosky & Co. establishes reasonable limitations on neighboring family member’s use of a driveway partially located on our client’s property, amicably resolving a longstanding family dispute.

After decades of conflict between our client and family members living next door regarding a driveway partially situated on both lots, our client entrusted our firm to resolve the matter amicably. The neighboring family members brought suit in an attempt to use the driveway in whatever way they desired with no regard for our client’s use of their own driveway. Through mediation, Molosky & Co. resolved the long standing familial dispute and secured an agreement that protected our client’s enjoyment of the property by reasonably restricting the other party’s use and prohibiting service vehicles to use the driveway except as expressly permitted by our clients.

Molosky & Co. secures $400,000 payout for client who initially agreed to nominal amount.

Our corporate client invested hundreds of thousands of dollars towards developing new technology, funding all of the research and development, as well as an annual salary for its engineer co-shareholder. However, as the project progressed, the relationship between our client and the engineer deteriorated. Eventually, our client decided to end the business relationship. At separation, the engineer desired to purchase our client’s interest in the newly developed technology and in the interest of a clean break, our client almost accepted a nominal dollar. Molosky & Co. counseled our client, and after lengthy negotiations with the engineer’s legal counsel, our client received a positive return on its investment. What started as a walkaway turned into a $400,000 payout to our client thanks to our firm.

Molosky & Co. secures payment for our clients after they incurred substantial damages remedying undisclosed defects in their new condominium.

Our clients purchased a condominium from a seller who failed to disclose serious defects. After closing, our clients discovered a strong smell throughout the condo and defective appliances such as the kitchen sump pump, dishwasher, and garage door opener. Less than one month later and without any litigation, the seller’s settled and paid our clients for the damages they incurred to remedy the undisclosed defects.